CSC IUPAC - 2003

Le 39èmeCongrès IUPAC et la 86èmeConférence de la Socitété de Chimie du Canada
à Ottawa / Août 10 - 15, 2003 (CSC - 2003)

The 39Th IUPAC Congress and 86th Conference of The Canadian Society for Chemistry
at Ottawa / August 10 - 15, 2003 (CSC - 2003)

CSC 2003 Palais Congrès Ottawa
Le Palais des Palais Congrès d'Ottawa

Jérôme Cluzeau

James Dettwiler
Jérôme Cluzeau : Issues and Solutions in the Synthesis of (4S)-4-phenyl-indolizidin-9-one amino acids
James Dettwiler : Advances in a Structure Activity Study of Aureobasidin Peptide Antibiotics

Guillaume Jeannotte

Priscille Laborde
Guillaume Jeannotte : Synthesis of PyrroloProlines, Constrained Heteroarylglycines
Priscille Laborde : Application of Cyclic Sulfamidates in Heterocycle Synthesis

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