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Post Doc.

Gil Fridkin
(Post.Doc. 08/03 -...)
Synthesis of functionalized deazapurines via solid phase chemistry

Tarek Kassem
(Post. Doc. 01/07 -...)
PVA-PEG Chemistry


Andrew G. Jamieson
(Post. Doc. 01/07 -...)
Solid Phase Friedinger Lactam synthesis for peptidomimetics

David Sabatino
(Post. Doc. 03/07 -...)
Diazabicycloalkanone Amino Acids
Nicolas Boutard
(Post. Doc. 05/07 -...)
Solid Phase beta-amino gamma-lactams synthesis as
conformational constraints for Peptide SAR Studies       


Ph. D.
Carine Bourguet Carine Bourguet
(Ph.D. 01/04 -...)
Synthesis of Peptide Mimics that inhibit Prostaglandin F2α Receptors
Aurélie Dörr
(M.Sc. 01/04 - 05/07, Ph. D. 05/07 -...)
Synthesis of Analogs of Phenylalanine
M. Sc.
Hassan Iden  Hassan Iden
(M.Sc. 09/04 -...)
Synthesis of Pyrrolobenzodiazepinone Derivatives.
Wajih Ben Tahar  Wajih Ben Tahar
(M.Sc. 2005-...)
Flourescent Linker Synthesis
Nicolas Genest  Nicolas Genest
(M.Sc. 2005 -...)
Hydroxyethylene Isostere Synthesis
  Philippe Deaudelin
(M.Sc. 06/2006 -...)
Synthesis of pyrrolodiazepinone derivatives as gamma-turn mimetics
  Tanya A. Godina
(M. Sc. 01/07 -...)
Solid Phase Synthesis of Constrained Dipeptide Surrogates and Their Application in Peptide Mimic Ligands for the PGF2α Receptor
  Caroline Proulx
(M. Sc. 06/07 -...)
IL-1 Allosteric Modulators