Hopos 2002 Program

Location: Hall Building, 7th floor, Concordia University,
1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West

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I. Friday Morning 9:00 - 12:00
A. Symposium: Ernst Mach: "Actions and Reactions"
John Blackmore
(Independent Scholar)
"Mach, Mauthner, and Six Types of Skepticism"
Robert J. Deltete
(Seattle University)
"Helm on Mach"
Erik Banks
(Hunter College)
"Two Ex-Herbartians on Space: Ernst Mach and Bernhard Riemann"
Paul Pojman
(University of Utah)
"Mach's Biological Origin, Purpose, and Nature of Science"
B. Contributed Papers: Kantian and Anti-Kantian Themes in the 19th Century
Warren Schmaus
(Illinois Inst. of Technology)
"Did Kant Transform Philosophy? The Case of France"
John Ongley
(Illinois Inst. of Technology)
"Anti-Positivism and the Idea That There is No Logic of Discovery"
Vladimir Zeman
(Concordia University)
"On the Neo-Kantian Search for Invariance and Cohen's Infinitesimalmethode"
Gregory B. Moynahan
(Bard College)
"Thinking the Infinitesimal: Hermann Cohen's Philosophy of Science"
C. Contributed Papers: Foundations of Mathematics
Yvon Gauthier
(Université de Montréal)
"La notion d'hypothèse chez Riemann"
Mathieu Marion
(University of Ottawa) and Paolo Mancosu (University of California, Berkeley)
"Wittgenstein's Constructivization of Euler's Proof of the Infinity of Primes"
Jean-Pierre Marquis
(Université de Montréal)
"A Brief History of the Foundational Role of Category Theory"
Elaine Landry
(University of Calgary)
"Structure in Mathematics and Science"
D. Symposium: Philosophy and Biology in Descartes and Beyond
Saul Fisher
(The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation)
"Mechanism and Atomism in Gassendi's Account of Plant and Animal Generation"
Lisa Shapiro
(Simon Fraser University and Cornell University)
"The Health of a Hydraulic Machine?: Nicholas La Framboisière and Descartes on the Regulation of the Passions"
Karen Detlefsen
(University of Pennsylvania)
"The Relation Between Advances in Microscopy and Malebranche's Conception of Nature"
Dennis Des Chene
(Emory University)
"Life After Descartes"
II. Friday Early Afternoon 1:30 - 3:45 pm
A. Symposium: Recent Studies in the History of Experimental Psychology and Philosophy of Science
Uljana Feest
(University of Pittsburgh)
"Of Rats and Psychologists: A Conceptual and Historical Analysis of E. C. Tolman's Operationism"
Gary L. Hardcastle
(University of Wisconsin)
"People, Machines, and Science: The Harvard Psycho-Acoustic Laboratory in the 1940s"
Gary Hatfield
(University of Pennsylvania)
"The New Psychology and the Mind-Body Problem"
B. Contributed Papers: Interpreting 20th Century Physics
Robert DiSalle
(University of Western Ontario)
"Theory and Interpretation in the Development of 20th Century Physics"
Meinard Kuhlmann
(University of Bremen)
"The Significance of Operationalist Arguments in Alternative Approaches to Quantum Field Theory"
Lambert Williams
(New York University)
"Models, Simulation and Phenomenology in Physics: Some Remarks on Peter Galison"
C. Contributed Papers: Philosophy of Science in the History of Philosophy
David Sullivan
(Metropolitan State College of Denver)
"One of the Legacies of Philosophical Modernism"
Todd Davis
(Duke University)
"Science, Language, and the Reconstruction of Philosophy: Sellars' Critique of Carnap in ‘Empiricism and Abstract Entities’ "
Laura Rediehs
(Saint Lawrence University)
"Redefinitions of Objectivity in the 20th Century"
D. Contributed papers: Bodies in Nature
Eric Lewis
(McGill University)
"The Concept of Body in the Hellenistic Period"
Emily Michael
(Brooklyn College CUNY)
"John Wyclif's Atomism"
Jason Scott Robert
(Dalhousie University)
"Revisiting Kant and Blumenbach on the Bildungstrieb"
III. Friday Late Afternoon 4:00 - 6:15
A. Contributed Papers: Carnap's Aufbau
Iulian Toader
(University of Bucharest)
"Non-Propositional Aspects of Carnap's Quasianalysis"
Chris Pincock
(University of California, Berkeley)
"Carnap's Physical Construction System"
Sahotra Sarkar
(University of Texas)
"Methodological Solipsism and Phenomenological Reduction: A Husserlian Technique at the Center of Carnap's Aufbau"
B. Contributed Papers: Social-Political Philosophies of Science in the 20th Century
Staffan Müller-Wille
(Max Planck Institute for History of Science)
"Boris Hessen's Philosophy of Science"
Maria-Filomena de Sousa (Université du Québec è Montréal) "Knowledge, Rules and Tradition"
Laszlo Ropolyi
(Eètvès University)
"The ‘Hungarian’ Lakatos"
C. Contributed Papers: Scientists Turn to History
Jutta Schickore
(University of Cambridge)
" ‘...a contemplation of the whole of Science and its History’ -
William Whewell, the Context Distinction, and HPS"
Alfred Nordmann
(University of South Carolina)
"The Power of Anecdote: Heinrich Hertz's Philosophical Appeal to the History of Science"
Sophie Hutin
(Université Paris I)
"Le holisme et l'histoire des sciences: Un aperçu des holismes de Duhem et de Quine"
D. Contributed papers: Experiment and Probability
Rose-Mary Sargent
(Merrimack College)
"Francis Bacon's Experimental Activity"
Dorothy Coleman
(Northern Illinois University)
"Baconian Probability and Hume's Theory of Testimony"
Berna Kilinc
(Bogazici Universitesi)
Kant's Notion of Objective Probability"
Reception, 6:15 - 7:15
IV. Saturday Morning 9:00 - 12:00
A. Symposium: Cross-Currents on the Continent: French and German Epistemology of the Sciences 1850-1960
Patrick McDonald
(Seattle Pacific University)
"Helmholtz, Bernard, and the Epistemology of Experiment"
Michael Heidelberger (University of TÉbingen) "Poincaré and German Sense-Physiology"
Jean Leroux
(University of Ottawa)
"Bachelard and Logical Empiricism"
David Hyder
(University of Constance)
"Foucault, Husserl and Historical Epistemology"
B. Symposium: Frege's Notions of Proof and Truth
Darcy Cutler
(University of British Columbia)
"Logicism and Gödel's Theorems"
Norma Goethe
(University of Cordoba)
"Frege's Account of a Legitimate Inferential Procedure and the Issue of Proofs by Contradiction"
Michele Friend
(George Washington University)
"What a Proof Guarantees for Frege"
Pierluigi Miraglia
(University of Texas)
"Truth-Aptness and Logical Potential"
C. Contributed Papers: Issues in Scientific Method
Eric Audureau
(Université de Provence)
"On Poincaré's Alleged Conventionalism"
Anastasios Brenner
(Université de Toulouse-Le Mirail)
"Carnap's critical conventionalism"
James Justus
(University of Texas)
"The Emergence and Fate of Cognitive Significance"
Dan McArthur
(University of Regina)
"Why is Bachelard not a Scientific Realist?"
D. Contributed papers: Mathematization, Method and Metaphysics in the Early Modern Period
Kurt Smith
(Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania)
"The Place of Enumeration in Early Modern Physics: Making Possible the Mathematization of the Physical World"
Geoff Gorham
(Macalester College)
"The Metaphysical Roots of Cartesian Physics: The Law of Rectilinear Motion"
Michael Futch
(Augusta State University)
"Temporal and Causal Asymmetries in Leibniz's Philosophy of Science"

Godfrey Guillaumin
(Universidad de Guanajuato)

"Demonstration and Experience in Philosophical Magnetism during the Seventeenth Century"
V. Saturday Afternoon 1:30 - 3:45
A. Symposium: Anti-Apriorism and Anti-Naturalism in Early 20th Century Philosophy of Science
Thomas Ryckman
(University of California, Berkeley)
"The Failure of Anti-Apriorism in Philosophy of Physics"
Thomas Uebel
(University of Manchester)
"Einheitswissenschaft as Wholesale Ersatz for Metaphysics?"
Alan Richardson
(University of British Columbia)
"The Pragmatic and the Empirical A Priori: Pragmatism's Resources for Relativizing the A Priori"
B. Contributed Papers: Hilbertian Themes
Bruno LeClercq
(Independent Scholar)
"Husserl et Hilbert: Théorie des Systèmes Formels"
Yoshinori Ogawa
(University of British Columbia)
"Idealization and Deduction: Bernays and the Hilbert Program"
Melanie Frappier
(University of Western Ontario)
"The Influence of Hilbert on Heisenberg's Closed Theories"
C. Contributed Papers: Themes in Biology and Philosophy in the 20th Century
Anya Plutynski
(University of Utah)
"R.A. Fisher and Sewall Wright: Philosophy of Science for Population Genetics"
Chuck Ward
(Millersville University)
"Emergence and Epigenesis"
Justin Garson
(University of Texas)
"The Revival of Emergentism in Philosophy of Science in the Late 1960's"
D. Contributed papers: Newtonian Space and Matter
Zvi Biener and Christopher Smeenk
(University of Pittsburgh)
"Does Gravity Feign? Newton, Cotes, and the Essential Properties of Matter"
Lisa Downing
(Uiversity of Illinois at Chicago)
"Newton and Thinking Matter"
Mary Domski
(Indiana University)
"Newton's Philosophy of Geometry"
Plenary Session:
François Duchesneau,
Saturday 4:00 - 5:15 pm
Congress Banquet, Saturday 7:00 pm
VI. Sunday Morning 9:00 - 12:00
A. Symposium: Philosophie des Sciences et Histoire des Sciences chez Auguste Comte
Michel Bourdeau
(Centre national de recherche scientifique)
"Comte et le Naturalisme"
Jean-François Braunstein
(Université Paris I)
"Comte et le 'Style Français' en Histoire des Sciences"
Annie Petit
(Université Paul-Valéry)
"Auguste Comte: Promoteur de l'histoire des Sciences"
Mary Pickering
(San Jose State University)
"The Status of the Intellect in the Last Works of Auguste Comte"
B. Contributed Papers: Logical Empiricism
Gabor A. Zemplen
(Deutsches Museum)
"Classification of Systems of Hypotheses - Otto Neurath on the History of Optics"
Sheldon Steed
(University of British Columbia)
"Congestions And Remedies: Understanding Neurath's Concept of Ballungen"
Enzo de Pellegrin
(Boston University)
"A Lack of Reverence: Schlick and Wittgenstein in 1926"
Elisabeth Nemeth
(University of Vienna)
"Socially enlightened science - Neurath on social science and visual education "
C. Contributed Papers: The Science of Social Science and Philosophy
Michael White
(McGill University)
"Deep Time and the Genres of History in Britain, 1815-1860"
Jessica Pfeifer
(University of Maryland, Baltimore County)
"Mill on Laws and Systematicity"
Laura J. Snyder
(University of Chicago)
"The Science of the 'Dismal Science'"
Gualtiero Piccinini
(University of Pittsburgh)
"Experimental Epistemology"
D. Contributed papers: Kant on the Formal Sciences
Lisa Shabel
(Ohio State University)
"The 'Axioms' of Geometry in the Early Modern Period"
William Goodwin
(University of California, Berkeley)
"Intuition and Reductio Proofs in Kant's Philosophy of Geometry"
R. Lanier Anderson
(Stanford University)
"The Traditional Logic and Kant's Philosophy of Arithmetic"
Ofra Rechter
(Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
"Kant on Definitions in Arithmetic Across the Critical Turn"
VII. Sunday Afternoon 1:30 - 3:45
A. Symposium: Émile Meyerson, History and Critique
Frédéric Fruteau de Laclos (Université de Paris X) "Le néo-comtisme d'Émile Meyerson"
Stephen Nazaran
(University of Notre Dame)
"Tragedy and History: Émile Meyerson's a priori"
Nathan Andersen
(Eckerd College)
"Repetition and Reenactment: Collingwood on the Relation between History and the Philosophy of Science"
B. Contributed Papers: The Philosophies of the Physicists in the 20th Century
Mathias Frisch
(Northwestern University)
"Lorentz's Cautious Realism and the Electromagnetic World Picture"
Ravi Gomatam
(Bhaktivedanta Institute)
"Einstein's Critique of Quantum Theory - A Reassessment"
Peter Bokulich
(Boston University)
"Bohr on Disturbance and Quantum Uncertainty"
C. Contributed Papers: Logic, Mathematics, and Value in Logical Empiricism
David Stump
(University of San Francisco)
"Getting the Logic into Logical Empiricism"
Bonnie Shulman
(Bates College)
"The Value of Value-Free Mathematics"
George Reisch
(Independent Scholar)
"To the Icy Slopes of Logic: Logical Empiricism, the Unity of Science Movement, and the Cold War"
D. Contributed papers: Mind, Morals, and Nature into the 19th Century
Tom Staley
(Virginia Tech)
"Trends in the Development of Associationism: A Comparison of the Philosophies of David Hume and Alexander Bain"
David K. Nartonis
(Independent Scholar)
"Idealist Philosophy of Science at Harvard, 1723-1859"
Plenary Session:
Don Howard,
Sunday 4:00 - 5:15
Congress ends at 5:15.