I welcome at the moment applications for M. Sc. or Ph. D. positions in two research projects in inorganic chemistry.

1stResearch project 1:

The project is situated in a sub-facet of green chemistry, in particular the development of catalysts for the polymerization of cyclic esters to biodegradable polymers. In particular, it targets the application of zirconium complexes as isospecific catalysts for rac-lactide polymerization under industrially relevant conditions. To gain an idea of our current research in this area, please refer to the following publications:

2nd Research project:

Development of new catalyst for the Chan-Evans-Lam coupling of alkyl boronic acids to N-nucleophiles. Chan-Evans-Lam coupling are an important class of coupling reactions allowing the formation of C-N and other C-heteroatom bonds under mild conditions. Typically, alkyl boronic acids react sluggishly in this reaction, while aryl boronic acids show increased reactivity. The current project aims at overcoming this problematic. For more information of our previous work on this subject see:


Ability to work independently and aptitude for research. Solid knowledge in inorganic and organometallic chemistry. Familiarity with common characterization techniques (NMR, IR, UV-vis). Familiarity with the handling of air-sensitive substances is advantageous.

Starting date:

At the earliest possibility.


An annual tax-free stipend of $17,500 for Ph. D. or $15,000 for M. Sc. students (this includes income from one TA duty per year) is guaranteed. Students are welcome to apply for higher paying stipends provided by FQRNT or NSERC. Foreign students might apply for these stipends in their second year, provided that they obtained Canadian resident status in the interim.

Tuition fees:

M. Sc.: $3500 the first year, $1250 the second year. Ph. D.:  $3500/year the first two years, $1250/year the following years.

Application requirements:

Applications should include a motivation letter, tabular CV, copies of the latest university transcripts and one or two email addresses for reference letters. Please send applications by email to Frank.Schaper@umontreal.ca .

Stage/internship and Sommer Student Projects

UdM students: Please contact me directly.

International students: We are moving to a new building in the summer of 2019 and my group is currently in a rejuvenation cycle. I thus cannot accept interns/stagiares below the M2 / Ph. D. level for 2019.

Post-Doc Positions

At the moment enough space for Post-Docs, but not enough money. Contact me only if you bring your own.