(ფელიქს ღლონტი)


The late Felix (Philip) Glonti (1927-2012) produced a body of work of astonishing quality and variety, most of which, regrettably, remains unrecorded or even unperformed. In the winter of 2006, during my stay in Tbilisi, I had the privilege of meeting this remarkable individual and hearing his music for the first time. A sort of Georgian Carl Ruggles, Glonti's sharp tongue and visceral incapability of tolerating fools and opportunists kept him on the margins of the Georgian musical establishment. Like his opinions, Glonti's music is not for timid ears: It is vigorous, sometimes harsh, yet always melodic and informed by a deep familiarity with the spectrum of orchestral colors.

Before I left Georgia, Prof. Glonti gave me recordings of some of his compositions, issued by the Soviet recording company Melodiya, and now nearly impossible to find. Tracks from these recordings, converted to MP3 format, can be downloaded from this web page. I invite visitors to this site to consult the list of compositions given below, download those which are highlighted in blue, and listen to them with an open mind. That is all that the composer asks: to be listened to.

Kevin Tuite

80th ANNIVERSARY CONCERT: In honor of the eightieth birthday of Felix Ghlonti, two of his works for solo instrument and symphonic orchestra were performed in Tbilisi. At the composer's request, I am making MP3 files of these two compositions available for download here:

Symphonia concertante for violin and orchestra "Metamorphosen des Lebens" (I. Sonata allegro; II. Adagio; III. Finale)
Galina Bandura, violinist; Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra, V. Kakhidze, conductor

Concerto #3 for piano and orchestra (I. Sonata allegro; II. Passacaglia; III. Finale)
Tamara Licheli, pianist; Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra, V. Kakhidze, conductor

Felix Ghlonti on YouTube —
A six-minute video clip of the composer playing one of his "Choreographic Engravings", filmed by a group of students from the Tbilisi Public School #151
(2) Excerpts from the "Symphonia concertante for violin and orchestra", Galina Bandura, soloist, with the Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra:

Excerpts also available here:
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

LIST OF PRINCIPAL COMPOSITIONS BY FELIX GHLONTI (links to YouTube provided where available)


Dawn (1967), ballet in 2 acts, premiered 29.10.1967 at the Tbilisi Philharmonia under the direction of V. Chabukiani

The Iberians (1970), opera in 4 acts, libretto by G. Leonidze (not yet performed)

Cleopatra (1976), opera in 4 acts, libretto by the composer after Shakespeare's play (not yet performed)



Piano concerto (1954)

Bedi Kartlisa ("The Fate of Georgia", 1957), symphonic poem

Symphony #1 (1961)

Symphony #2 (1966)

Symphony #3 (1969)

Symphony #4 (1971)

Symphony #5 (1974)

Romantic Symphony (revision of Symphony #1, 1974). Grand orchestre symphonique de la RTB; Constantin Ivanow, conductor — 1st movt; 2nd movt; 3rd movt ; 4th movt

Concerto for harp and orchestra (1975)

Symphonic meditations on a theme by Francesco Petrarca, for cello and orchestra (1977). Medea Abramyan, violoncello; Imant Resnis, conductor

Symphony #6 (Vita nova, 1974), words by Dante. Angelina Volak, mezzo-soprano; Jansug Kakhidze, conductor

Galaktion (Heroic oratorio in 6 parts, 1980), words by Galaktion Tabidze

Symphony #7 (Fiat lux, 1981)

Symphony #8 (Symphonic groups, their invariants and representations, 1982)

Symphony #9 for electric piano and orchestra (1983)

Symphony #10 (1984)

Symphonia concertante for violin and orchestra (1986)

Symphony #11 (Mundus apertus, 1987)

Symphony #12 for choir, soprano and baritone soloists and orchestra, based on poems by King Davit Aghmashenebeli (Symphony-liturgy, 1989)

Wanderjahre for piano and orchestra (1990). Svetlana Navasardyan, piano; Imant Resnis, conductor. Also here: Part I. Part II. Part III.

Marienbadische Elegie for cello and orchestra (1990). Maris Villerus, violoncello; Vasili Sinaiski, conductor.



String quartet #1 (1953)

Two Romances for voice and piano, words by Ilia Chavchavadze and Nikoloz Baratashvili (1959)

String quartet #2 (1965)

Ten Choreographic Engravings for piano (1967)

Music for String Instruments (1987)



Alaverdoba (1962) dir. Giorgi Shengelaia

Tetri kalishvili (White Girl, 1962) dir. Leila Gordeladze

Burti da moedani (Ball and Field, 1961) dir. Guguli Mgeladze

Jildo (Prize, 1965) dir. Giorgi Shengelaia

Me vkhedav mzes (I See the Sun, 1965) dir. Lana Ghoghoberidze