Poems by Rusudan Megrelishvili

  translated by Kevin Tuite



tu k'i chemi t'rpobis santels ver anteb


If you cannot light with love

the candle of my affections,

why then blow it out?

Why hurry, slaked and satisfied?

This barren pilgrim's light

is not all.

Pay the price.

Go, try your luck.


Leaving a woman's impression

before his eyes forever,

the woman blows out:

Anna, with a ring,

a gold encirclement,

dead from doubt.

They stand apart - two shadows,

church bells,


gold heart in white fabric,


dead face,

eyes lit up by candle's beam.


Melt away!

Melt and end,

leaving love's impression.

She endures much: the woman with a ring.


shevel mzis skhivit dach'ril momak'wdav p'ark'shi


I went in.

The park was dying,

cut by a sunbeam.

Beauty sparkled. Colorful

and dreamlike wonder

carried me away,

bore me up. A yellow wind,

autumn's path like seventh heaven

spread, unfolded.

It was dying,

cut by a sunbeam.

A long while pleasure looked at me,

and, across the park, that which I had

was all used up, wiped away.





This life in half-twilight goes                                 es tskhovreba bindbundad midis

bustles                                                                   mishrialebs

waits for its distant shadow                                   shoreul oreuls utsdis

rustles                                                                    shrialebs

cures                                                                      iarebs

hurts                                                                      ishushebs

and again                                                               da isev

goes. Bustles                                                         midis. mishrialebs

rarely                                                                     ishviatad

erupts                                                                    amokhetkavs

thumps                                                                  petkavs

and again goes. Bustles                                         da isev midis. mishrialebs

naked.                                                                    shishveli

You become naked.                                               shishveldebi da

You feel                                                                 ggonia

a distant shadow                                                    shoreuli oreuli

waits for you                                                         gitsdis

helps you.                                                              gishvelis.



In the bare mountains rises up

a tale from a dream

chanting is heard

on the rocks singing

Dormition Cathedral

wine-colored leaves have fallen

melted together against cold earth

a yellow forest bouquet

faded to red

black fir trees in rays of green

and the sky, armor-plated,


tearfully takes leave of us

broken-down autumn

from Safara Road we take our leave

the church no longer visible

in ashen grey

our shelter is lost

a rumbling is heard by the tired Mt'k'vari

the mountains shudder

at Vardzia she prays for her army

bare-foot Queen Tamar



V. molisper gzebs miq'vebian


on grass-green paths they go,
spread like new snow
white daisies

a white-eyed
army comes
under a daisy sun

it is white white May
in the Imeretian mountains
rose-month is a white month
in the Imeretian mountains

whitely throbs Imereti
in a downpour of daisies




saghamo xans didxans didxans                             Evening time long time long time

baghis suntkvas                                                     garden breathes

ca utkmeli q'urs ugdebda mc'uxtan                      sky unspeaking listens with sorrow

q'vavilnari stvlemda                                               flower-bed dozes

k'ip'arisi sdumda                                                  cypress is mute

mxolod sxivi chamavali                                         Only a ray from the setting sun

dghis dak'argvas sc'uxda                                     regrets the loss of day




if you truly wish to make me happy

please don't bring my sky blue dream

down to me from heaven

just leave it alone