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Academic background
B.Sc. Mathematics and computer science (1987, Ottawa), Magna cum laude
M.A. Linguistics (1990, Montréal)
Certificat de spécialisation en linguistique informatique (1991, Geneva)
Ph.D. Linguistics - Artificial Intelligence Option (1999, Montréal)
Short bio

Lyne Da Sylva has a multidisciplinary background (in Mathematics, Computer Science, Linguistics and Computational Linguistics). Her doctoral thesis studied the use of default values in syntactic formalisms, both in terms of theoretical linguistic aspects and of formal implementation aspects.

She is now Associate Professor at the École de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l'information (i.e. the School of Library and Information Science, at the Université de Montréal) since January, 2000. Prior to this, she spent several years doing research and development work in natural language processing (syntactic analysis, grammar checking and machine translation), including four years at Machina Sapiens Inc., a Montreal-based software development company.

Her teaching now includes indexing and abstracting (both manual and automated), thesaurus construction, computer-assisted document management, and semiotics of information systems. Her teaching tries to help students identify the linguistic aspects of document management.

Her research focuses especially on the automation of indexing and abstracting, through the use of natural language processing techniques. One of her special projects deals with automatic back-of-the-book indexing.

She is a member of the OLST (Observatoire de linguistique Sens-Texte), at the Department of Linguistics and Translation (Département de linguistique et de traduction) of the Université de Montréal. She is also a member of the GRDS team (Groupe départemental de recherche en documents structurés), led by Yves Marcoux of the EBSI.

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