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               Reno De Stefano Quintet video- Montreal Jazz Festival 2008

Welcome to the website of Reno De Stefano- guitarist, musicologist, composer and professor of jazz studies at the University of Montreal (biography). This site presents several facets of Reno De Stefano's work and career including sections on his music (compositions, recording, arrangements), on his pedagogy (guitar, improvisation, ear-training, history), and on his most recent publications.

You can obtain detailed information on Reno De Stefano's clinics, concerts and conferences in the "upcoming events" section. This site is updated regularly for our readers, students and fans.

Reno De Stefano's first recording Matters of The Spirit is available on line on this site and at all fine record stores including Amazon.com, Tower Records, CD Now, and CD Universe.

"......offers a confident, relaxed melodic approach to standards....."

".......straight-ahead, firm intellectual approach to every tune........"

"Canada is slowly gaining her much-deserved credit for a number of new standout jazz guitarists, and Reno De Stefano should be counted among them. Here is a credit to academia- a performance professor with a "Spirit" for performing." (Review)

Just Jazz Guitar (February 2002)

Just Jazz Guitar magazine has released a new CD featuring a performance by Reno De Stefano. (read)


"" .....An impressive display of De Stefano's harmonic invention and thorough skill as a guitarist...."

"De Stefano's rich harmonic sense is evident throughout as he builds layers of possibility into each tune"

Planet jazz (Summer 2002)

".....he's got an appealing way with harmonies....."

Cadence (April 2002)

Planet Jazz

Here is the new CD !  Reno De Stefano Quintet was nominated For the General Motors Grand Jazz Award and the Galaxie Rising Star Award of the CBC at the Montreal International Jazz Festival in 2008.



"........un musicien attachant qui manie la guitare avec beaucoup d'émotion.............
musicien touchant "

Jazz Chroniques & Coups de Coeur (2007)


".............an absolutely wonderful CD, .............Talk about someone who walks the talk.........all of his original works have a delicate, poetic sound that makes great use of full chords in the spirit of Wes and Joe Pass..........."

JazzWax.com (2007)


RENO DE STEFANO: Reno De Stefano Quintet: Mimi's Dance


RENO DE STEFANO: De Stefano & Donato: Matters of The Spirit


“……..What stays is the language and the sound: with a barely electrified Gibson L5 in hand, De Stefano plays warm, ringing lines……… the music is fluid, articulate and a pleasure to listen to.”

La Scena (2009)


“Well-known in the Montreal jazz scene……..De Stefano likes to work with his musicians and shares his ten compositions with intelligence, sensitivity and lenghty well-structured solos. A great gift and an inspiration for aspiring guitarists.”


« Figure bien connue du jazz montréalais ……..De Stefano  partage ses compositions; dix en tout avec intelligence, sensibilité et longues improvisations bien structurées. Un joli cadeau qui pourra donner un sérieux coup de pouce aux aspirants guitaristes. »

Sortiesjazznights.com (2009)


Reno De Stefano has been a regular contributor to Just Jazz Guitar Magazine since 2001. Students from all over the world (New Zealand, Italy, Hong Kong, Netherlands, France, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Thailand, Belgium, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, French Guiana, Germany, etc.) have been working with his particular approach to the study of jazz improvisation.


Reno De Stefano plays every Monday  and Tuesday nights (6:30-10:00) at Modavie in Old Montreal.
(1 St-Paul ouest, corner St-Laurent) (514) 287-9582

He also plays every Friday nights (6:00-9:30) at Narcisse Bistro in Old Montreal.
(97, rue de la Commune est. (514) 392-1649



Reno De Stefano Quintet - Montreal Jazz Festival



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