Music page

I have loved music since I was a child, but it was only at the beginning of the new millennium that I started playing music on a regular basis. After trying out the traverso (Baroque flute) and the bass clarinet, I settled on the double-reed family: oboe, English horn, and most recently, the bassoon. Since 2010 I have played with the CAMMAC Symphony Orchestra, and also many of the sight-readings of choral repertoire organized by CAMMAC-Montréal.

Mozart Coronation Mass, Collège Vanier, 2014
Rehearsal of Mozart's Coronation Mass (CAMMAC, Collège Vanier, 2017)

Weihnachtsoratorium 2022

Rehearsal of Bach's Christmas Oratorio (CAMMAC, Collège Vanier, 2022)

Rehearsal of Bach's Christmas Oratorio (CAMMAC, Collège Vanier, 2014; Philippe Bourque cond.)

Puccini Crisantemi (arr. for flute, bassoon and piano) A retirement present for our dear friend and colleague Mariella Pandolfi. Performers: Ariane (flute), Luke (piano), Kevin (bassoon)

Solipsistic socially-distanced multitrack recordings (during the plague years 2020-21)

Bach Motet "O Jesu Christ, meins Lebens Licht", BWV 118 (4 bassoons, 2 English horns, 4 tenor recorders) Video clip on YouTube

Utrecht Padouana (5 bassoons, one with low A extension, 4 flutes/recorders)

CAMMAC Symphony Orchestra video clips (concerts of December 2018 and June 2019), with your humble servant as principal bassoonist

Elgar Salut d’amour

Kurt Weill Symphony #2, 1st movt

Oboe and bassoon pictures

Baroque oboes

Two Triebert English horns

Lorée oboe (made in 1910)

Oboe from Markneukirchen (?) with unusual keywork and low-A bell

1920s Vinzenz Püchner bassoon, SN #14x