The history of jazz music may be directly linked to the history of the conceptual advancements in jazz improvisation. It is also inevitably, the history of jazz recordings since it is the recordings that have served as principal musical "texts" for the musicologist-scholar, archivist, and musician-composer. The changing styles as well as the individual contributions of artists like Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker and John Coltrane can be better evaluated and understood against the whole historical continuum. An understanding of jazz history and jazz historiography enables the musician to develop a more profound and personal appreciation for the evolution of this great art form.

In this section of the site you will find bibliographical materials (Microsoft Word document) for jazz research as well as a discography (to be posted soon). I also have included a course syllabus for Jazz History and Analysis I & Jazz History and Analysis II (Microsoft Word documents) offered at the University of Montreal and will soon join a list of jazz videos that are available at the library.


Downloadable material (Microsoft Word documents)

Jazz History and Analysis I

Course syllabus
Duke Ellington
Earl Hines
Reserve MUL 2115
Weekly reading and listening list

Jazz History and Analysis II

Course syllabus
Flamenco Sketches
Jazz 1970-2000
Reserve MUL 2116
Weekly readings - MUL 2116 (sit file containing Microsoft Word documents, Stuffit Expander needed)




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